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New in 4.4

Stage Manager Support

On iOS 16, you can edit your documents using multiple resizable overlapping windows.

New Find and Replace Interface

The new-in-iOS 16 find interface lets you get to what you're looking for faster.

Updated Navigation Bar

Storyist 4.4 adopts the iOS 16 editor navigation bar style giving you better access to editing features.

New in 4.3

iOS 15 Support

Storyist 4.3 supports iOS 15 features, including the new keyboard shortcut design, more powerful multitasking on iPad, and the UI enhancements for iPhone.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

New shortcuts let you switch between the sidebar and the editor and use the arrow keys to move between elements in lists. See all keyboard shortcuts.

New in 4.2

iOS 14 Support

Storyist 4.2 supports iOS 14 features, including the new sidebar design, menus, and the color picker.

Trackpad and Mouse Support

Running iOS 13.4 or later? Storyist now offers trackpad and mouse support, and it works great with the new Magic Keyboard.

Custom Templates

Create custom project and text file templates to use as starting points in future projects. The template chooser now shows your templates along with the built-in templates and lets you import files from other apps for use in Storyist projects.

Invisible Characters

Use the new Show Invisibles command (View > Show Invisibles, Cmd+Option+I) to see the space, tab, and return characters in your manuscript.

New in 4.1

Multiple Windows

Storyist 4.1 supports multiple windows on iPadOS (iOS 13 on iPad). Perfect for editing chapters in your manuscript side-by-side or keeping your index cards accessible while you write.

Dark Mode

Like iOS 13's new system-wide dark mode? All of the Storyist themes now support it, so you can write all night long.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

Storyist offers new keyboard shortcuts for navigation, zoom, find, and editing. Have a Smart Filio? Getting around has never been easier.

New in 4.0

Files App Support

The Storyist home screen is now based on the Files app, so you can:

  • Store files where you want and edit them in place.
  • Use 3rd party cloud storage solutions like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.
  • Share files with others over iCloud using iCloud file sharing.
  • Organize your files using nested folders and tags.
  • View recently-edited files stored across multiple cloud storage providers.

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Updated Interface

The UI has many thoughtful improvements, including new icons, animations, and usability enhancements.

  • Commands are organized in a simplified More menu on each screen.
  • The text and index card editors take better advantage of larger screens on X model iPhones.
  • Expanded keyboard shortcuts include cut/copy/paste and undo.

New Themes

Storyist 4 includes several new themes, including both a light and a dark theme. Like the original theme? No worries, it's still there. Tap the More button on the home screen and choose Themes to see the complete list.

Free Trial and Upgrade Discounts

Storyist 4 is free to download and offers a 14-day free trial, so you can test all features before purchasing. If you decide to keep the app after the trial period expires, just use the in-app purchase window to permanently unlock the features. Even if you choose not to purchase the app, you can use Storyist as a free viewer.