Storyist for iOS

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Full-Featured Word Processor

Storyist for iOS provides a rich text editor with support for style sheets, comments, and images to help you get your words on the page and make them look great.

Screenwriting Support

With a screenplay template, the ability to work with both Final Draft FDX and Fountain script formats, and multiple cloud storage options, Storyist for iOS is a powerful mobile screenwriting app.

Index Cards

Work with your story at a high level.

And More

Storyist for iOS is a rich, desktop-caliber app. Now your story is always with you—on all your devices.

iCloud and Dropbox Sync

Storyist for iOS supports both iCloud and Dropbox. When you store your files in either of these cloud storage services, your files are always available on any of your iOS, Mac, or PC devices.

Document Picker

Import and export from other cloud storage providers like Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, or any app that provides a Document Picker that supports the import and export modes.

Import and Export

Easy import and export of Storyist, RTF, Plain Text, Fountain, and Final Draft v8 files via iTunes, Dropbox, and the Open In menu.


Storyist for iOS makes daily backup copies (versions) of your projects. It also keeps deleted projects for at least 30 days, so restoring from a previous version or a deleted file is easy.

Formatting Inspector

Storyist for iOS provides a text Inspector for quick editing of formatting, style, and page settings.

Project Sidebar

Swipe to reveal your project files, text outlines, index cards, and comments.