Storyist for iOS 3.2 is Out!

The new dark mode in Storyist for iOS 3.2.

I’m delighted to announce that Storyist for iOS 3.2 is available in the App Store! It’s got support for dark mode, PDF title pages, and draft mode enhancements for iPhone.

Dark Mode

One of the most popular feature requests over the years (Storyist for iOS has been in the App Store since 2011), was for a dark editing mode. Storyist for Mac added the feature in version 3.1, and now it is available in Storyist for iOS.

Enabling dark mode is simple:

  1. Navigate to the Storyist home screen.
  2. Tap the More (…) button.
  3. Set the Dark Mode switch to on.

That’s it. Now you can write in ’till the wee hours without the glare of a white page to tire your eyes.

PDF Title Pages

Another frequent request, especially from screenwriters, was to be able to add a title page when exporting a PDF.

Now, when you select PDF as the output format, you’ll now have the option of choosing a title page from the project (or home screen) or having one generated from the file metadata.

Adjustable Font Size in Draft Mode on iPhone

Rounding out the trio of features is the ability to change the font size when in draft mode on iPhone.

To change the draft mode font size:

  1. Open a text file.
  2. Choose Tools > Preferences.
  3. Move the Draft Mode Font Size slider to the desired setting.

That’s about it. Enjoy! And keep the requests coming.