How to Install Your License Code

When you purchase Storyist for Mac at the Storyist online store, you receive a license code that allows you to continue to use Storyist past the trial period.

To install your license code:

  1. Launch Storyist.
  2. When the Trial dialog appears, click Enter License Code.
  3. Enter your name. If you purchased Storyist from the online store, make sure you enter your name exactly as it appears in your registration email.
  4. Enter your license code (serial number).
  5. Click OK.

Note: Both the name and code are case sensitive. If it appears that Storyist isn't accepting your license information, please make sure the caps lock key is off and that the capitalization and punctuation is the same as in your license email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I no longer have my Storyist for Mac license. Can you resend it?

If you need a copy of a license code purchased through the Storyist website, you can use eSellerate's' After Purchase Services page to request it at any time, day or night. If for you're not able to get a copy this way, send email to from the email account you provided when purchasing Storyist, and we'll send you another copy. If you don't have access to that email account any longer, send your order number or your name and address and we'll look it up for you.

If you purchased Storist for Mac from The Writers Store, please contact their technical support staff for assistance.

Question: How many machines can I install my license on?

You can install your license on a desktop and a laptop computer provided that you are the primary user of both machines. Use more than two computers? Contact support and we'll take care of you.

Question: Does the Storyist licensing mechanism use activation?

No. Storyist does not use activation. Activation, a process some software developers use to combat piracy, involves tying a copy of Storyist to a particular machine, which can prove frustrating when you upgrade or switch machines and forget to deactivate the previous activation.

Question: Where can I find my license information after I've entered my license code?

To find your license code after you've installed it, choose Storyist > License. A dialog appears showing your registration name and license code.

Question: Where can I find a copy of the license agreement?

You can find a copy of the license agreement by choosing Storyist > License and clicking the License Agreement button.

Question: I purchased Storyist. Why haven't I received my license code?

After you complete your purchase, your web browser is redirected to a receipt page, which contains your license code. You'll also receive an email message from eSellerate (the payment processor). If you do not receive this email within 5-10 minutes after you complete your purchase, check your spam folder; your spam filter may have flagged it as spam.

Question: I've checked my spam folder, and the license isn't there either. What next?

At least one provider of free email accounts (Yahoo) may delay delivery of an email for up to 24 hours for if it thinks the email might be spam. If you believe this is happened to you, send an email to support with an alternate address and we'll be happy to send you your license code. And when you license does finally arrive, please mark it as "Not Spam."

If you don't receive either of the emails, it is possible that there was a typo in the email address you provided at checkout. If you suspect this was the case, send email to support with your order information and we'll send a copy of your license out to you right away.