Reviews and Testimonials

Damned if You Do“I've written three novels for Putnam's, each using the Mac version of Storyist. I'm currently traveling in Europe and am just now putting the finishing touches on the book that will be published in September. I'm using the Storyist app for my iPad Mini and it's sensational... a real godsend.” - Michael Brandman, New York Times Bestselling Author

The Winged HorseSwan Princess is my third novel written entirely in Storyist. Being able to see all my characters on screen while I'm writing and having all the research and character information right there makes life SO much easier.” - C.P. Lesley, Novelist

Stinger and Bow“I use Storyist for both Mac and iOS at every stage of the writing process. For The Sedumen Chronicles, I’ve used it to collect and organize my research, plot out my stories, and write my manuscripts. Having everything in one place, laid out the way I want it, lets me focus on being creative instead of fumbling between multiple applications.” - Orren Merton, Novelist

The Watcher's Keep“I've used Storyist to publish three epic fantasy novels and one Travel Adventure. I've tried several other writing tools for the Mac and nothing else even comes close. I write on my Mac when I'm in my home office, and my iPad when I'm traveling. The seamless way that Storyist synchronizes between the two is priceless. Having my character and scene sheets together with my manuscript makes organizing my work simple and intuitive. Other writing tools could not handle a 270,000-word epic fantasy, but Storyist had no problems whatsoever.” - Timothy Bond, Novelist

Le Baron Noir“My two last novels (the second book of Baron Noir, my steampunk series, and Evariste, a thriller) were written on Storyist, and I'm working on the third volume of the Baron Noir saga. For novels, I don't know a better tool than Storyist.” - Olivier Gechter, Novelist

Killing by the Book“I have recently published my first crime novel, Killing by the Book, and I found Storyist to be invaluable. Not only does it allow an author to shape the creative process, to add characters and synopses, but it also allows scenes and chapters to be moved around easily. I travel quite a lot so the ability to have Storyist on my iMac, Macbook and iPad meant that I could write wherever I happened to be, syncing changes through iCloud. I am now well into writing my sequel and Storyist lets me concentrate on the plot rather than the software.” - Ryan Stark, Novelist

Rilla: Book One of the Paradise Series“I wrote my first 2 books (and currently writing the 3rd) in Storyist. Couldn't find a better program to keep everything together.” - Ivana L. Truglio, Novelist

Fifteen Postcards“My first novel, Fifteen Postcards was written using Storyist. I've just finished my second novel and have sent it off to my editor.” - Kirsten McKenzie, Novelist

“Storyist is the perfect companion for the novel writer and with its powerful iOS app, iCloud or Dropbox syncing, I can take it with me anywhere I go. Whether I’m at my iMac, or iPad, MacBook, or iPhone, it’s all right there. It’s a great time to be a writer.” - Rusty Henrichsen, Writer

“If I could have only one screenwriting app on my iPad, Storyist would be it.” - Taz Goldstein, Hand Held Hollywood

“Storyist, for me, was more fun to use than any of the other novel/screenplay creation tools. ... Because of that intangible feeling of using a thoughtful, finely crafted tool, the scope of the features, and the (available) printed manual, I'm rating Storyist one notch above all the rest.” - John Martellaro, Senior Editor, The Mac Observer

“If you’ve been struggling with Microsoft Word to achieve any sort of creative writing then Storyist is an excellent, affordable alternative that's a word processor, storyboard and project manager rolled into one. It won't write that bestseller for you but it will bring a level of order and clarity to the thought process.” - Nick Spence, Online News Editor, Macworld UK

“Storyist 2.0 is an incredibly powerful writing tool that is flexible enough to handle almost any writing assignment. Writers who like to pre-organize their stories will be ecstatic about the depth of management tools provided by this application, while those like myself who like to ‘write first, organize later’ can use the Storyist tool set to their advantage as well. I know I'll be prepared to write my second NaNoWriMo novel with the right tool this time -- Storyist 2.0.” - Steven Sande, Writer, TUAW The Unofficial Apple Weblog

“For those of you gearing up for National Novel Writing Month—or anyone on the brink of starting a new or in-progress writing project—Storyist might be the tool you've been missing...especially if you're do you say...organized. - Chelsea Sutton, Writer, LA Literary Examiner

"Storyist is a combination powerful word processor and outlining program that features the kind of intuitive, easy-to-use interface that has made Apple a favorite among creative people. But more important, it's remarkable in its functionality for real-world writing." Elizabeth M. Cosin, screenwriter and author of Zen and the Art of Murder, November/December 2008 issue of Creative Screenwriting

"I have used Scrivener and StoryMill extensively but like Storyist best. It is software the way I would have designed it. Customizable to my way of working, not overly structured, and running the way Mac users would expect, Storyist delivers and helps me deliver my writing by the deadlines." - Don Cram, Writer

"We're really enamored with Storyist's ability to organize multiple characters, locations, and how they interact." - Andrew Burke, Writer, June 2008 issue of Videomaker Magazine

"Bottom line is that Storyist is definitely making my life easier writing my book. I highly recommend this to my fellow aspiring authors out there." - Allison Stewart, Writer, MidWeek Hawaii

"If you're a writer or someone who has been thinking about writing a book, this affordable program offers up several useful tools to make the job easier." - Jason Parker, Writer,

"Storyist provides everything a writer needs to take a story from idea through research, outlining, drafting, and on through the final rewrite, where it ends up as a neatly formatted, publisher-ready manuscript. You get all that in one program. It's enough to make a writer smile." - Cristael Bengtson, Writer, MacValley Users Group

"A wonderful piece of scriptwriting software." - Charles Gousha, Coordinator, Silicon Valley Mac Users Group

"Storyist is the application I was most excited about on the show floor. The $59 application is designed to aid novelists and screenwriters during the writing process. The application has a full-featured word processor, but the real power is in its ability to storyboard. You can generate story sheets for each character that reference major plot points and allow you to define physical traits. When you're writing a 300-page novel, it's a great way to organize your thoughts and plot ideas."- Justin Williams, Writer, Evansville Courier & Press

"The most interesting application I discovered today was Storyist"- Michael Gaworecki, Writer, MacForums, reporting on Macworld 2008

"Storyist is novel- and screenplay-creating program that could become hugely popular if the WGA strike goes on much longer."- Heather Kelly, Associate Editor, Macworld, reporting on Macworld 2008

"Makes you want to buy a MacBook." - Jane, Writer, All Jane, All Written Down

"I would like to congratulate the creator(s) of Storyist on a fantastic piece of software. This is what I've been longing for in a writing program, and meets my needs perfectly." - PJ, a writer from England

"I have to tell you, I LOVE Storyist. I'm a recent Mac convert, and Storyist is everything I've ever looked for in a writing program." - William, a writer from Texas

"If you are a writer and using Mac, then you should try out Storyist. It is one of the most useful tools for writers" - Bhagaban Sahu, Writer, Gizmo Watch