Storyist 2

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New in 2.4

  • Fountain Support: Import and export Fountain files. Fountain is a new, plain text markup syntax for screenplays.

New in 2.3

  • Kindle Export: Create Kindle editions of your project for reading on your Kindle and publishing on
  • Theme Manager: Want to customize the look of your project? You can change interface fonts, colors, and background patterns. In full-screen mode, you can even specify an alternate font color.

Publishing on Amazon Publishing on Amazon
How to use Storyist to create a Kindle edition of your novel, screenplay, or non-fiction work and publish it on

New in 2.2

  • EPub Support: Export manuscripts and screenplays to ePub format for reading on iPad and other devices that support the ePub standard.
  • Share with Stanza for iPhone: If you've got a local network, an iPhone, and the free Stanza eReader, you can download your manuscripts and screenplays from Storyist to the iPhone for reading.
  • 64-bit Support: Storyist now runs in 64-bit mode on Snow Leopard.
  • New Automator Actions: New actions convert paragraphs with leading tabs to first-line indents and back.

Creating ePub for iPad Creating ePub for iPad
How to export manuscripts and screenplays as ePub files. Covers authoring considerations, and advanced formatting hooks.

New in 2.0

User Interface

  • Full-Screen Mode—Remove the distractions and focus on your writing. The new full-screen editing mode puts the whole screen at your disposal, turning your Mac into a dedicated writing environment.
  • Unified Views—No need to open a new view to see the storyboard. You can now view text, outlines, and storyboards in any view.
  • Split Views—With Storyist 2, you can split views both horizontally and vertically. You can even nest split views.
  • Multiple Windows—Have multiple monitors? Now you can open multiple project windows to take advantage of them.
  • Workspace Management—Once you’ve got your workspace set up to your liking, use the new Workspaces panel to take a snapshot for easy recall. The Workspaces panel stores multiple workspace snapshots to accommodate your various writing activities.
  • Easier Navigation—New navigation enhancements adopted from Mac OS X Finder let you navigate your project with familiar shortcuts.
  • New Look—Storyist 2 sports a fresh look with new icons and an updated layout.

The Word Processor

  • Comments—Annotate text with sticky-note style comments.
  • Bookmarks—Add bookmarks to frequently viewed locations.
  • Images Support in the Manuscript—Add images to your story.
  • Style Sheets in Notebook Entries—Style sheets are now available in notebook entries in addition to the manuscript.

The Outliner

  • One-Click Editing—Fewer clicks means faster outlining.
  • Color-Coding—Color-code outline entries to get a high-level picture of your story.
  • New Columns—Track more project information with new status and rating columns.
  • Shortcuts—New shortcuts make outlining faster and more intuitive.
  • Yellow Pad Background—The new background is easier on the eyes.

The Storyboard

  • Collage View—Assemble collages of images and text to visualize the relationships between your story elements.
  • New Card Layout Options—Specify storyboard layout rules to match the structure of your story.
  • Customizable Storyboard Representation—View storyboard items as index cards, images, or icons.

The Project Manager

  • Multiple Manuscript Support—Storyist 2 supports multiple manuscripts and/or scripts per project.
  • Drag to Import—Importing files is now as simple as dragging them to the Project view.
  • Project Trash—Storyist 2 provides a project trash that lets you keep "discarded" items around until you're sure you don't need them any more.
  • Support for Final Draft Version 8 Files—Seamlessly import and export Final Draft version 8 files. New converters let you transfer scripts, notes, and color-coding information without missing a beat.

Mac OS X | Universal

Requires 10.4.11 or later